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Kafene offers customized pricing, flexible terms, and high approval rates for all types of applicants.

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Grow your business by giving customers a better way to buy

Instant Decisions

Instant Approvals

Customers apply in minutes and can get approved for up to $5,000 in seconds

Instant Decisions

Best Payment Terms

Offer low or no money down, terms up to 18 months, and customized pricing

Instant Decisions

Credit Reporting

We report to major bureaus, letting customers build credit with every payment


We are! Kafene is a full spectrum solution with a single application that automatically waterfalls to the best pricing based on each consumer’s creditworthiness. Prime consumers will see prime offers, near prime consumers will see near prime offers. Most importantly, the merchant or consumer can also select the no credit check option, in which case credit will not be evaluated and the consumer will be offered the standard no credit check pricing if he or she qualifies.

Our goal is to meet or beat any of your existing lender’s pricing for every consumer. We pride ourselves on fair, transparent pricing.

We will fund within 24 hours of confirmed delivery via ACH.

We do.

In order to facilitate the cheapest financing and a seamless waterfall, we are using a lease rather than loan structure and so the idea of interest rate doesn’t quite fit. A better way to think about it is that the monthly payments will be similar to your standard loan products at any level, and the term to ownership will be the same. In short, your customers will be paying about the same as they currently do in total if they make all their payments using Kafene.

Anywhere from 12-18 months.

Great, we facilitate multiple early purchase and buyout options.

Up to $5,000

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